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Mini books are a great way to explore new ideas, concepts and genres without committing to a full-length book. They are short enough for an afternoon or evening read but long enough for you to get an idea of the potential of the topic.

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The rise of digital content has created a demand for writers. Blogs, guides, tutorials, and checklists are some of the things that writers can create in order to make money online.

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I’ve been in the coaching and tutoring industry for a little over two years now, and I’ve always had a hard time finding the right materials to use. Enter Journiah. This marketplace has guided me to find the best guides and tutorials that are currently trending. It’s such a lifesaver! I am grateful.

Scott Rodriquez

I have always been so uncomfortable with marketing material and everything else that goes into my business. But Journiah has given me the guidance I’ve needed. Their tutorials are top-notch and the platform is so easy to use – even for someone like me who has never done anything like this before!

Tristram Nicholls

I’ve been looking for a really good marketplace where I can find the best guides and tutorilas. I finally found it in Journiah! It’s by far the best resource available in this niche.

Thora Wood

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